What makes the WBI a great choice?

  • Home teams keep all revenue
  • Travel teams get paid each trip
  • It is a 16-team single elimination tournament
  • The tournament will be completed in two weeks
  • No bid sheets or reconciliation forms to complete

Can teams bid for home games?
No, teams cannot buy home games. The better rpi team always gets the first chance to host.

Who picks and seeds the teams?
The Executive Director and Sport Tours International will pick the teams based on RPI, Sagarin, strength of schedule, quality wins, and end of season trends.

What is the tournament format?
A 16-team, single elimination tournament divided into two regions. 

Is there any revenue sharing required of the home teams?
No. Home teams keep all revenue including tickets, sponsorships, parking, concessions, radio and television rights.

What is the guarantee required from host teams?
$10,000 for the first and second rounds, $12,000 for the semifinal and final rounds.

Do teams have to make travel arrangements through Sport Tours?
No. Teams make their arrangements through their normal vendors. Sport Tours International will assist, if  asked.

What guarantee will the travel teams receive?
$7,000 for the first and second rounds, $9,000 for the semifinal and final rounds.

How will a team know if it is being considered for one of the sixteen positions?
If you receive an agreement from Sport Tours, you are being considered.

Who selects the officials?
Sally Bell is the official assignor. Official fees for the WBI are the responsibility of the home team.

Who is Sport Tours International?
The first sport tour company to take teams on international tours, Sport Tours International has been running women’s tournaments since 1987 in San Juan, Daytona Beach and Las Vegas.  Visit our website at Sporttours.net.